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Why is storytelling for construction companies important? 

Many would wonder why construction companies need brand awareness. There are two reasons: to generate more leads and to attract more new talents. 

Attracting new talents with storytelling

Whenever a company starts storytelling and finds the right strategy in time, they will start to notice that more people are applying for their vacancies or sending them their CVs. But there is one problem that most construction companies have. They are telling stories about blue collars and how owners and management are digging the first shovel on site. This strategy kind of doesn’t work anymore because it attracts blue-collar workers. I believe most construction companies don’t face problems hiring blue-collar workers. Instead, they struggle to find carpenters, the people who actually do the real work on site. 

Talk about people who do the work! 

The people who do the real work on site are the ones who should be treated the most. They are a real asset for construction companies. Whenever I notice that the company starts to pay attention to its people, I also start to see engagement from them and many more people who are in the industry. These people, if shown and told correctly, contain a lot of great stories. 

People who work on site are the ones who build bridges, roads, and houses where we live. Show who they are, and your people will value the company where they work.

Great talents want to work in companies where their skills are valued and where they can show their full potential.

Generate leads

By doing storytelling, construction companies probably will not generate hundreds of more leads. But storytelling can strengthen the bond between existing and upcoming clients. Clients value working with companies with great stories behind them. The right storytelling strategy is social proof. Your clients will be able to see the people behind it, what problems they are overcoming,  how they deal with them, etc. Storytelling strategies, in most cases, will strengthen bonds with existing clients. 

Do I need storytelling? 

This is up to you. If you don’t have problems with employees, your satisfaction rate is high, and you don’t need more sales, then you are fine. But sooner or later, you will come to the point where you will have to build brand awareness, which is then done through storytelling.

Where can you find storytellers?

You can Google for storytellers or use our services. When it comes to storytelling for the construction industry, it is important to have someone who has been working in the industry and understands the problems contractors face. I myself have been working in the construction industry and managing construction projects for more than 10 years. I have seen many great stories, and I know that every contractor and construction company has these stories. Stories that drive people