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What makes good construction copywriting

What makes good construction copywriting? 

I have been doing copywriting for many blogs and companies that work in the construction industry. Seen many Google Search Console results. I have also read a lot of books and articles about the construction industry. Being a copywriter for the construction industry requires a different set of skills. Here are some of the main tips for being good at copywriting in the construction industry.

Understand SEO and what Google wants from you

Almost every copywriter who is good at it will admit that you can not make great copy without knowing how SEO and Google work. Even journalists who have become bloggers admit that being a journalist doesn’t benefit them. Whenever you write an article, you must keep in mind how Google will understand it. Technically, you are writing an article for Google and the user.

Make your content as simple as possible

People working in the construction industry like to read articles with an active voice. The ones who are straight to the point and easy to read. Construction people are doers, not dreamers. The longer your content, the less engagement you will receive, and your articles will not rank. It sounds strange because most will say you need a 2000+ word article. In the construction industry, it is different. A book about construction management can be 500 pages long, but it is packed full of lots of topics and knowledge. While a book about marketing that is 300 pages long will most likely cover less than 10 topics and there will be lots of fluff.

You must be familiar with the construction industry

Some would disagree about this. Because many copywriters think that they can write about anything. In the construction industry, it is different. Very often we have to write about technical details; people study for years just to understand these technical skills. Those copywriters who come from the construction industry can easily understand the niche and create articles that are packed with knowledge and easy to read. This is one of the main reasons why so many construction articles don’t rank: they were written by copywriters who are not familiar with the niche. 

The construction industry is different. People who work there don’t like the fluff, and they want to go straight to the point! 

Keyword research

When it comes to the construction industry, keyword research is tough when the copywriter or SEO analyst doesn’t understand the industry. Most of the keywords in the construction industry will have low search volumes. For example, if you try to target the keyword job costing,” you must then understand what other possible keywords could be to emphasize job costing. This can only be done by someone who really knows what job costing means, what the typical problems are, what answers users will look up to, etc. I have tried many automated keyword research tools, and none of them have helped me.

Identify the audience’s needs

The construction industry isn’t huge; most likely, you will not receive millions of views; instead, you could receive a few thousand views a month. Articles are usually read on working days when people are searching for solutions to their problems. Most of those visitors are driven to fix their problems, and a good article will answer audience needs. This is where the copywriter should increase the level of interest. Making sure that readers continue to read other articles and increase their chances of getting leads. 

Research other posts

Most articles about the construction industry are evergreen. Copywriters must always research the top articles about their chosen topic and understand what answers people receive from them. What are the possible reasons why Google is keeping them in the top positions? 

Getting articles to number one can be tough for construction copywriters, but whenever they do get to that spot, they will stick there for many years. 

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