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What content ranks for construction companies

What content ranks for construction companies

We were thinking a lot about whether to write such an article, but if Elon Musk is not patenting his design but instead allowing competitors to take their ideas as a result, raising the bar of competition higher, we can do the same.

We decided to write an article about what ranks on Google for construction companies. 

What doesn’t rank

Before we start, I wanted to share what doesn’t rank, and that is your portfolio. Construction companies are uploading loads of photos from their sites, thinking that they will rank. Portfolios are portfolios; they don’t rank as long as the pictures are stunning and available on Pinterest. Usually, designers and photographers create these images and then upload them to sites like Pinterest. They know how to make money from pictures. 

Construction company portfolio

Wait, you just said portfolios don’t rank? Yes, I said, but if a portfolio is made right, it will rank. Google nowadays is smart; it uses AI algorithms. Every website belongs to a specific niche. Construction company websites are categorized as construction company pages. Google wants to hear a story about your projects. A story that is made by a contractor and is interesting to read for investors and construction specialists. 

How to’s

When it comes to the construction industry, there are two types of how-tos. One of them is made by professionals, the other by DIYers. Again, because of the AI algorithm, Google has categorized construction companies under professionals, and they want to receive professional content made for professionals where they can learn tips and tricks. Google knows search intent, and it will know when to show DIY articles and when to show professional articles. 

Services you provide

This page will not bring you many customers. But all this information is needed for Google. It allows Google to categorize you. For example, if you provide carpentry, then Google will categorize your website as a construction company that provides carpentry services. Whenever someone searches for something with the intent to find carpentry services, you will increase your chance of ranking as the number one result. 

Your location and area where you work 

Construction companies must be very specific about where they do their services. They must be very clever whenever they point out their areas of work. Because, for example, a company can be located in one area but provide its services in other areas. We often use these areas where construction companies work as keywords, which are then used all around the website in different places. Letting Google know where you perform your services is tricky, and not everyone can succeed with that. It depends on how skilled the person who performs SEO strategy or copywriting is. 

We help construction companies with SEO and copywriting

We are working with construction companies and construction software companies. SEO and copywriting are not easy, and they require years of experience. But SEO is definitely worth it. Our strategy helps construction companies to generate 20–40% of their projects only from Google traffic. 

The least effort any construction company could make is to talk about how they work, what problems they face, and how they deal with these problems. But again, this must be tailored with SEO strategy in mind, and it requires knowledge. 

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