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What messages should a well designed construction company website send?

Well built and designed construction company websites serve the purpose of representing the company, and they should send messages to clients, existing employees, and prospective employees. Let’s find out what messages your website should send and whether you have them. Please note that in this article we mainly focus on website design; there are also other core values needed, but we will talk about them in next articles. 

Message for clients

We researched many construction companies, mainly in Europe, and we found that most websites send two types of messages to clients. There are websites where companies, for example, execute concrete works, but all the pictures and content are created like they would be a general contractor. We are experienced in the construction industry, and usually with these websites, it takes us 2–5 minutes to understand what services a construction company provides. 2–5 minutes is way too long when the average user can spend 5–10 seconds. And if he doesn’t find an answer, he goes to the next Google search result. 

The other type of websites were those that clearly pointed out what their services were. From first sight, we could understand their services; for example, they are a skilled company that is experienced with concrete footings, etc. This type of website is what any contractor should look for, where the user can immediately understand that he is in the right place. 

Once the user has affirmed that he is in the right place, he goes to references, searches for the team behind it, and lastly, searches for contacts. You should definitely point out your sales team as the first result under contacts. 

Message for existing employees

Well built website design, together with brand strategy, can strengthen relationships with existing employees. It gives employees motivation to stay with the company and boosts their productivity. Companies that care about their employees are showing their work on their websites. If you don’t do it, then you will be surprised to learn that many employees don’t know what the company delivers. This is a funnel where companies can share what they, as a whole team, have done. Every person then feels valued, and every single one of them feels like a team player. By raising overall employee satisfaction, eventually they will start to spread the word. This helps with getting more leads and attracting more great talents. Great talents want to work with great leaders and companies. 

Attracting new great talents

Most of construction companies are facing a shortage of workers. The situation is changing, and everyone wants to work where their skills will be valued and where they can make an impact. They look for companies and leaders who can offer that. Great websites show potential talents how it is to work with them, what their main goals are, and they share stories from employees about the inside work. The website should send a message to new talents about how it is to work with them so that they can imagine themselves inside the company. This is easy to say but few companies can actually deliver this message right. Most of them have photos of blue collars, but not always they are the ones who drive the company. 

Let us be your website designer and brand agency

In this article, we mainly focused on website design and where we should pay attention when building a website.

It becomes more and more difficult to find and then keep great talents. That is why we specialize only in the construction industry. We rebrand construction companies and make them alive. This helps to close more deals, attract better talents, and keep existing.