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SEO strategy for construction software startups 

Finding leads and clients for construction software is very expensive and time consuming. Very often, ads don’t help, and companies can burn loads of cash. But whenever you find the client, he will stick with you as long as your product and service satisfy his needs. SEO is one of the best possible ways to get clients and users to your website and then sell them your services. Let’s see how construction software should implement an SEO strategy.

Research keywords

You have a product and service that somehow help users and construction companies. Write down a list of how your product helps. Then turn those answers into keywords and emphasize each keyword with more detailed keywords. This list is then used to write articles. You will write articles around these keywords. 

Find copywriter 

This is one of the reasons why so many construction software companies lack SEO. It is not easy to find construction copywriters. Copywriters who haven’t worked in the construction industry will need lots of input from you, and they will spend lots of hours researching. Not all companies are willing to pay for that time. 

A great copywriter is gold, and most blogs and companies that have found them don’t want to show who the author is. Those copywriters are key to their success, and they want to keep them a secret.  

Optimize keyphrases and meta descriptions

Review whether all your pages and posts have keyphrases and meta descriptions. This information is for Google. From this information, Google will understand what your article is about before digging for more details. Also, this is the first information that will be visible in Google search results. Make sure it is relevant to the article. The user will see this information, and if it is relevant, he will click and read your article. If this information is misleading, he will go back and continue his search. Whenever a user goes back and continues searching, it will damage your ranking. 

Analyze Search Google Console

Perform an analysis of which keywords users use to find you. This data can be found in the Google search console. Find those keywords that relate most to your business and have the most impressions. These findings will let you know which keywords you should emphasize and target more. 

Long gone are the days when users typed hashtag keywords, and this information was then passed to Google. Google now understands your text, and it creates keywords using an AI algorithm. 

Analyze your competitors 

Search in Google for site:copetitorsURL, and there you will find how many pages Google has indexed for your competitor. Your target is to beat that number. Because whenever you beat that number, you will have a higher chance of outranking those competitors. This is not always the case because there are more metrics to consider, but for starters, this should be one of the goals.

Be consistent

Consistency is the key to success in any business. Create content frequently, as much as possible, on average; for starters, it could be 2-3 articles a week. 

Google sandbox

The Google Sandbox is Google’s filter to stop new websites from ranking in the top search results. Google doesn’t admit that there is such a Google Sandbox. Although what I can tell from experience is that typically it takes 4-6 months for construction software blog articles to rank on Google. During this time, you have to be consistent and not give up. 

Where to start?

We have seen sites where the monthly traffic from Google is around 100 000 visits, and they are saving an average of 225 000 dollars. That is the number in case it is converted into paid Google traffic. Such numbers websites can’t get overnight; often it can take more than one year, depending on the niche and how well situated your competitors are. 

We help construction software companies with SEO strategy and copywriting.

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