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What is our strategy, and how can it help you? 

Hi I am Emil and I am the main brain behind EContractrosLab, and let me walk you through our story.


I come from construction industry

There are many copywriters, but only a few have worked in the construction industry. That is why most of the articles are bland because few of them are written by experts. You very well know that nothing goes according to books on construction projects or the construction industry! Experience and knowledge are key! 


I come from construction industry

What is SEO copywriting

What is SEO copywriting

SEO copywriting and brand awareness copywriting are two different things. When doing brand awareness writing, we focus our writing on your brand and how the company cares about values and the environment. This builds trust with your existing clients and employees.

SEO copywriting is different. It focuses on search engines and brings in more clients and users. Eventually, with the right SEO strategy, your post will rank on the first page.

We help customers find the right strategy for copywriting.

SEO can bring you more clients

SEO is a long term strategy, but in the end, it is worth it. 

I have researched and found that only a few companies have SEO strategies. If I talk about construction companies, then they are working only on their portfolios, and some of them are creating brand awareness to gain reputation. And when we talk about construction software companies, most of them have started SEO strategies but then left them behind. 

SEO takes time and patience. Imagine there are hundreds of thousands and more similar sites, and Google chooses to show only a few of them on the first page. 

Google is cherry-picking only the best and rewarding them with free traffic and clients. 

Google values authenticity and experience in niches. Once they find this unique content that attracts people’s eyes, they show it to everyone. 

Would you listen to a journalist talk about construction or to an expert who is coming from the construction industry?

Yes, you are right, you would look for experience!  The same goes for Google, your clients, and other users! 

SEO can bring you more clients

Keyword research is different in construction industry

Keyword research is different here

There are lots of articles around us that we have to look for niche keywords below 1000 or 300 monthly searches, depending on the article. But to be honest, that kind of strategy doesn’t work for the construction industry. 

Most of the keywords in the construction phase already have very low search volumes. So the tactics that are suggested by most of the SEO experts don’t work for our niche. 

I have found that my experience and background in construction have helped with keyword research because I can imagine the journey of your clients and how to attract them! 

We write for your Clients and Google

In order to rank your webpage. Articles are written for your clients and Google. Sounds strange that this article is written for Google. When someone types a keyword or question into Google, its job is to find an answer. They are querying all the sites that could have a possible response and then showing only a few of them that have an answer to the user’s input! 

But once the user open the article must be writen to engage him. 

It takes time to tailor craftmanship of articles. Same happens in construction industry. It takes time and knowledge to craft great craftmanship skills. 

We write for your Clients and Google

Analyzing your competitors

Analyzing your competitors

Your biggest competitors most probably have done already SEO. We will evaluate how well performs your competitors. On what keywords they are ranking, in which markets they are strong, how many monthly users they have, and more

Yes very often clients are surprised that with right tools it is possible to find out how many monthly users site have and more. 

Once we have analyzed competitors we can create strategy and start to outrank your competitors. 


Backlink strategy

Backlinks are important for Google. In short, a backlink is a link that points from another page to your page; the more websites talk about your page, the more valuable it is in Google’s eyes. Many can offer services where you can buy hundreds or thousands of backlinks, but this doesn’t work. Google’s algorithm is clever we have allready for some years AI. Google knows from where your backlink is coming and how valuable it is. 

Same is in the real world, you want to receive feedback from real persons with background in specific field. 

Backlink strategy is as important as valuable content. 

Backlink strategy

We can decide headlines and articles for you

Who will decide headlines and articles?

This is why we are focusing only on the construction industry. I have been working on construction projects. I have been studying Lean, Agile, coaching, construction codes, and construction management. I have also studied civil engineering.

We will decide headlines and articles for you if you don’t have allready some in mind. 

We are pasioned about construction industry and we can research any topic which relates construction.

Still thinking whether you need SEO?

SEO is time consuming and can be effective. But as I said before, it is a long term investment. Read our case study of how your business could save on Google Ads 44,800 dollars just on the keyword construction services here

Still Thinking whether you need SEO?

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Still not sure whether you need us?

Ask yourself a question: Would you rather hear about how to manage construction projects from a journalist or from someone who is on site? Or any other topic related to the construction industry? I believe the answer is expert!

I suggest that you judge as by our work! Starting from February 23/2023 we started to develop unique content for construction software and it is still ongoing.

Each article have best SEO strategy’s in mind!