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How can you spot content written by AI?

It has been almost 5 months since ChatGPT was released, but in reality, AI content was released way before. Five months ago, OpenAI made it more accessible with a better interface, and it went viral. 

Many bloggers and people are using ChatGPT for content writing. But as far as I can see, these texts are repetitive and have no value when it comes to construction copywriting. 

I believe that ChatGPT posts and blogs will eventually be banned by Google. The same thing happened some years ago with article spinning. Many blogs started to make money by copying other blogs and spinning their articles. Then, after one of the Google algorithms, all the traffic went to 0.  Sooner or later, the same thing will happen with chatGPT written articles. 

Let’s see two of the possible ways to spot whether content is AI generated. 

OpenAI Classifier 

This tool was made by OpenAI. The classifier categorizes results into five different categories: 

  1. very unlikely to be AI-generated.
  2. unlikely to be AI-generated
  3. It is unclear if it is AI-written.
  4. Possibly AI-generated
  5. Likely AI-generated

I tried many articles, some written by humans and some by AI, and the success rate was high. The funny thing is that I tried some of the newsletters that I receive often from famous Twitter accounts, and I found out that some of them use AI for their newsletters. 

OpenAI Classifier 

What’s great with this tool is that it also has a Chrome plugin, and you can activate it on any page and ask it to check whether the content is AI written. This tool will calculate the percentage of AI and human-written content. It will also check the article against plagiarism. Unfortunately, the success rate was lower than that of the OpenAI classifier.

Am I against AI written text? 

I like AI because it will make our work easier, ad I am not against AI written content. But one thing is sure that ChatGPT content will eventually be banned. Way too many people use ChatGPT and that text is easy to spot. Google will find a way to ban these articles made by chatGPT, the same way they did some years ago with article blog spinners. But while Google is finding ways to ban and downrank these articles and blogs. We will be flooded by cheap AI generated articles and posts. The downside is that Google’s bots are overloaded with all these articles, and every article, even human written ones, is ranking slower than it was before. Google can’t keep up with so much traffic and spam. 

Can AI written text rank?

Yes, AI written text can rank and you have to be good with prompts. In fact, I have been working on many projects and testing different AI tools and human written articles. Human written articles will always rank better; there is no doubt about it. Then there are unique AI writers like TextBuilder. TextBuilder has a very unique way and pattern when making content, and with small human adjustments, the article will rank. The heaviest AI writer is ChatGPT; it is so repetitive and shallow that it becomes easier to write an article by yourself. Also, ChatGPT articles don’t rank well..

Which tool should you use?

AI written articles are easy to spot; they are usually bland. They don’t have any depth; they are very broad and they don’t work with construction industry. Construction industry is unique and there are lots of details to know before your can write an article. But which tool you should use to spot AI written content? If you can’t spot it yourself, then first I would suggest using the OpenAI classifier and only then But there are also other tools that can probably do the same work.