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Copywriting services for construction software startups

Google ads and other types of ads can be pretty expensive, and CAC (client acquisition costs) can be way too high when it comes to the construction software industry. Sometimes it can take two years of subscription before those costs are covered. 

Also cost of keywords for the construction software industry is very high and they range in average 5$/Click. A good article made by a construction industry copywriter can cost on average around 500$ which is equivalent to 100 clicks. From the right SEO strategy that article in time could end up bringing customers of more than 100 a month. 

SEO is one of the ways how construction software can generate new leads and attract more possible clients. And there is no limit to that. 

Our case study 

Recently I started to write posts for PlanUpPro. This site is only around 1 year old, and I started to write for them only at the beginning of March. 

There have been only two months since then but already some movement is visible (3 times higher than before). This site had no backlinks when we started and now they have around 5-7 backlinks with our help. The construction software niche is as competitive as any other niche, but there is one tipping point and when those sites reach the tipping point they get out of the Google sandbox and traffic finally is moving only upwards. After 4-6 months we will come back to this case study and review the results possibly already with screenshots from the Search console. 

Why few are doing SEO strategy

The biggest problem with construction software SEO and copywriting is that there are not enough copywriters who can write about the construction industry. This is one of the reasons why most of the construction startups don’t write a lot, because they can’t open Fiver and order copywriting from one of the copywriters. Those articles will be bland and very broad like most of the articles and they will not rank. Also not many copywriters are willing to study their topic because that also is a time and not always client is willing to pay for that time. 

To be good at construction copywriting, the writer must have to come from the industry. I have been doing construction projects, and managing real site works for around 10 years. I know how it is to be at the site, what problems they face, what they want to know, and so on. This is why those articles are ranking and will rank. 

Does AI generated articles rank?

No, they don’t rank. Because AI doesn’t have enough information about niches, especially in the construction industry. It also writes very broadly and those articles are repetitive. Google can easily spot those articles and ban them or lower the ranking for those articles. 

Why SEO will work despite AI. 

Google recently announced Google AI search. It will kill a lot of SEO content and blogs. But it will mainly focus on FAQ articles. For example you will be able to ask 10 best places to stay in New York. It will be able to generate for you a content, because it has so much data about that query. But if you will ask “Best drone for site surveys”. Google will show you those drones where the most buzz is happening. Reddit, Facebook, or other social platform isn’t full of people who talk about drones for the construction industry. In fact, most companies are doing buzz by themselves. So still for professional and lead orientated queries there still will be a SEO behind it and construction companies will be able to generate leads and visits from blogging and SEO. 

Where to start from?

Here at EContractorsLab we provide full service for construction startups. We can design websites with SEO strategy in mind and then maintain their content. For us, it is easy to understand most construction startup niches and we can quickly develop and maintain SEO strategies for them. 

We help construction software companies with copywriting and content management. 

Bellow is one sneak peek of ESub which is generating nearly 300 000 visits a month only from SEO. And there is one article with whom they receive traffic worth 30 000$. Imagine whether to pay Google 30 000$ a month or a single payment to a copywriter for that particular article.