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Construction copywriting

Construction copywriting for construction companies

Traditional marketing for construction companies is long gone. People are looking for stories. They want to know about your brand, the people behind it, how it is working with you, and more. 

In this article, we will talk about why it is important to hire construction copywriters who have been working in the construction industry. 

Knowledge about the construction industry

There are many good copywriters who have high skills in writing and storytelling. But if the copywriter hasn’t been working in the construction industry, it will take time for him to understand the essence and philosophy of the industry. 

We at EContractorsLab come from the construction industry, so we understand the pain and problems there. We know many great stories from our experience, and we can tailor them to any contractor or niche in the construction industry. 

Our stories are always rated higher in Google than those written by professional copywriters without the skill and experience in the construction industry. 

Why construction companies need copywriters?

The answer is simple: to attract leads and new talents. 

When your potential clients look for you, they will also review your website. If they see that stories and content are written by professionals, they will most likely go with you immediately. By professional, I mean stories and articles written with technical skills. You are professional, and you can easily understand whether an article or piece of content has been written by someone who understands the construction industry. 

The second reason why you should strongly consider hiring a good copywriter is to attract new talent. It is getting harder and harder to attract new talents. We know that because we have been working in the construction industry, and every great talent is a valuable asset. Good copywriters can make stories about construction companies, and once your potential candidates look for you, they will be able to imagine how it is to work with you; they will see how you value and care for employees, and so on. 

More and more construction companies are paying attention to how they look in the eyes of new hires. They are using copywriters for social content and copywriting. 

SEO and Google traffic

Why are most construction companies failing with SEO? Because most of them are not using the right strategies or do not have construction copywriters. When it comes to SEO, Google is looking for answers and stories that are well written and keep our attention. Since we have skills, knowledge, and experience in construction, our stories attract readers. This is then awarded by Google with free traffic. Most of the traffic is from people with backgrounds in your field. Our clients have more leads and offer requests, and the hiring of new talents is also improving. Because very often, potential talents can find you and ask for potential job openings. 

How to choose the right copywriter

When choosing a copywriter, you must first understand what your goal is. If you want simple content, then you can go with any copywriter. 

But if you want to receive attention from your leads, improve SEO, attract new talents, and build your brand, you must consider professional construction copywriters. Copywriters with experience and knowledge in the construction industry. Also, those copywriters can often be more budget friendly because they don’t need much time for research and are already familiar with the industry.