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Attract top construction talents with website design

Attract top construction talents with website design

Wait, what did you say? Attract top talents with website design? Yes, and it is only getting tougher to acquire new talents, and you can’t get them anymore with salary and bonuses. Because of unions, salaries in most cases are fixed and the same across the industry and among your competitors. So you have to be smart in order to attract and retain top talent. And one way the smartest contractors do this is through branding and redesigning websites. This allows them to showcase their unique company culture and values and stand out from other companies offering similar salaries.

Showcase your employees

Show who the people are behind your work. They are any construction company’s asset and the reason why the construction business has succeeded for them. Whenever we work with a new client, we try to showcase those who do the actual work. No one wants to see managers, and actually, most construction companies don’t have problems hiring managers. Their biggest problem is hiring those who do the real work, not management. So instead of having a photo session with management, have a session with your employees who do the work.

This will allow your future employees to see how easy it is to work with you. They will see that you value employees, which will increase their chances of receiving better talent applications. 

Showcase your portfolio

Top talents want to challenge themselves. They want to work in construction companies where challenges are made into reality. Your portfolio must be spotless. Even if you perform plastering, you must find the hardest works and showcase them as the first works. People will see them, and if they accept it, they will join you. And this is how you can gain top talent, which could then potentially execute your hardest work. Remember that you want to have top talent! 

Talk about your values

Any new talent will respect your values. Simple words will not be enough. You have to show it with pictures and videos. They want to trust that you really care and maintain these values. Too many contractors fail to keep their word about their values. 

Your reputation

Reputation is your most precious thing. One wrong move can cause damage and have an impact for a long time. Maintain your online and word of mouth reputation. The best talents will always search for your company, and they will look if you have any bad press or feedback. Maintain your reputation; the better your reputation, the more good words will spread about your company. 

A website for a construction company is an asset

It always happens over and over. When I first talk with my clients, they agree that they didn’t realize how important a website can be for a construction company. And also, with this strong competition to get the best talents, construction companies have to think and work smart. Long gone are the days when you could get top talent for a salary. Whenever we start to work with and help with branding and marketing efforts for construction companies, they start to see an increase in job applications over time. More importantly, engagement and productivity increase for existing staff. 

Construction companies have to invest in their brand and marketing in order to attract the best talent. These talents will be your biggest asset, which can then turn your investments into value. The better staff a construction company has, the better results it will achieve.