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Who we are?

Construction marketing

EcontractorsLab was founded as a marketing and website design agency that work with construction industry companies. We help them with marketing, copywriting, and website design. In other words, we help companies in the construction industry polish their brands, look more visible, and be more competitive. 

We are probably the only construction branding and marketing agency in Europe. 

Our clients are only companies that work in the construction industry: contractors, general contractors, and construction startup companies.

The one and only Construction Marketing Agency

Founder who has been working on construction sites

Emils have been working as a contractor for many years and even founded his own construction startup. Managed many projects in Scandinavia. One of the most recognizable Arlanda Terminal 5, all this experience helps him and his team better understand client’s needs.

We are not the typical agency that knows only marketing. We know marketing, and we know and understand the construction industry. We know how difficult it is to manage construction work, handle meetings, and find projects and clients.

We understand construction industry and its businesses

Our Main Services

  1. Website design
  2. Website SEO strategy 
  3. Construction copywriting
  4. Social content marketing 
  5. Sales and marketing materials

We look at construction companies differently. Usually, construction companies are facing two problems: problems with finding new talents and problems with finding new projects. 

Our approach

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Our strategy focuses on helping our clients bring in more projects through SEO and social marketing, and we also pay attention to how the company and its image look in the employees eyes.