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Website design, copywriting, storytelling, lead generation for Construction Industry Companies. We help to scale businesses.

one a verge of change

Construction industry is on a verge of change

The construction industry is crucial to our society. It is the foundation for everything we see. They are the ones who build bridges, roads, pipelines, airports, houses, and more. 

It is time to show who is behind it

We are used to having infrastructure around us. Now it is time to tell through stories who is behind it! 

Who is behind
We help attract employees

We help contractors to tell stories to attract employees

Great stories attract great talents, which supercharge your business. We know how hard it is to find great talents. Great employees want to work for a company with a history and a story behind it. Where they feel safe and valuable. 

We do copywriting for companies in the construction industry

Whether you are a contractor, general contractor, ConTech, provide any services, or do anything else related to the construction industry, We are here to help you with copywriting. 

We are focusing only on construction industry, we know what people want to read and what ranks on Google number one page. 

SEO strategy

SEO strategy research

SEO is like a long term investment. You invest money and receive your investment over time. 

Because of our knowledge and experience only in construction industry we can find the right strategy for your company quickly. 

We offer keyword research, analyize competitors and create content strategy that works.

Sales and marketing strategy

One of the reasons why we are focusing on the construction industry is because we are from it. We are coming from construction sites. We know how to negotiate and get new leads.

We consult, create strategy, cold emailing and train your staff to close more deals for you. Our main speciality is Scandinavian market. 

Web development

Just like you, we specialize in the construction industry. While you build infrastructure for us, we build websites for you. Our websites help contractors with recruiting new hires, establishing credibility, generating new business leads, answering customer questions, and sharing your company’s story and brand. 

Brand building

Are you satisfied with everything above? We create a company’s full branding strategy, starting from the logo, web design, marketing materials, social media marketing, storytelling, and copywriting. 

We will not make Pepsi or Prada from you, but will create a great story about you and make clear what you do for others. 



I have very unique construction business and strategy. Will you work with us?

As long as you come from the construction industry, it is fine for us; we like to learn new construction business ideas, strategies, and more. We are experienced with the latest construction trends; we know lean, agile, and business trends; we investigate company financials; and more. Nothing is an issue for us as long as your services are related to the construction industry. We aim to scale the construction industry! 


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